Good Friday


Evil versus "I have done all I could do".... or ... The Reality of Freedom and of Evil


Today I am thinking about Mary.    The Mother of God. 

Mary must have been worried, concerned and probably sometimes even disappointedwith how things were going for her Son Jesus. As her life with her Son progressed, she probably mused about evil from time to time ... and how to protect her child from evil.

I know I do.

I am a mother.   I pray for only the best for my children. "Deliver them from evil."   Of course, sometimes the answer to my prayers is "no."   And this reality is very difficult.  Evil exists.  Children get hurt.  Children get introuble. 

Like Mary, I don't pretend to understand these things ... but, like the Mother of God ... like most mothers ... I treasure these things in my heart while living my own life.  Have I done all that I could do?  That is the question.

In this world, not all problems have solutions.  Evil exists.  We know this.  We see it every day.  Not everything can be fixed.  It's sad, but not hopeless.  We are free to act, and react.  We are free - but our freedom is constrained both by reality and by the reality of evil.

Today is Good Friday ....

Look what we did to Jesus.  A healer, a teacher, a good man.  Mary's Son.  

I have just re-read Our Lady of the Lost and Found by Diane Schoemperlen.  I finished the book today,  on Good Friday.  I may read it again this time next year.

Here is a slice:

"Maybe the question of evil is the central mystery of existence, even more fundamental and pervasive than that other ubiquitous question:  What is the meaning of life?  Maybe these two questions are so inherently entwined as to be inseparable. "

She has something here!  Freedom is real.  Evil is real.  The meaning of life is to understand that you live only your own life.  So, choose only paths that are life-giving, realizing that these paths will not be easy. 

Studio Result: 

The best colour for today is Blue - any Blue!